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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling: a soft tissue treatment technique is being used by our physiotherapist at Back to Health Wellness Centre here in Ottawa. Dry needling aids in improving pain and movement impairments with the use of acupuncture needles.

The physiotherapist inserts the needles through the skin into areas of the muscle.

Your physiotherapist will tailor your treatment plan to achieve your goals. Hence most programs will include some form of :

  • – pain management,
  • – an exercise program, and
  • – hands-on techniques to improve the quality or range of motion at various joints.

Check out this website to compare dry needling to acupuncture:

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Imagine the current helping our muscles get back to their factory reset!
  • Dry needling is an excellent tool for:
  • – decreasing pain levels coming from the nervous system and surrounding musculature,
  • – making exercises more comfortable and natural to navigate, and
  • – improving the mobility of joints around the treatment area.

The thought of dry needling can be a bit frightening or invasive at first but most patients will find that it is more comfortable than deep tissue massage techniques or other forms of myofascial release.

Dry needling in Ottawa: Samantha will use the dry needling technique to target certain muscles. Samantha inserts one or more needles into various points of the targeted tissue. Usually on insertion, there will be no pain and the muscles normally will feel temporarily cramped or heavy during the dry needling.

Here at Back to Health Wellness Centre: we are one of the go to locations for dry needling in Ottawa!

Our physiotherapist Samantha practices Functional Dry Needling. Further, Samantha often includes a gentle current that passes through the needles with the dry needling treatment. This will cause the muscles to activate or twitch.

The current:

– is very relieving for a muscle that has been very tight for a long time,

– is beneficial to muscles that have been inactive with certain movements or postures,

– will aid with releasing the knot/adhesion/scar tissue in the muscles! Therefore, allowing you to move better!

Imagine the current aiding the muscles to get back to their factory reset!

After a period of time the current is stopped and the needles are removed. Patients typically report a feeling of ‘lengthening’ or ‘relief’ in the muscle or immediate improved movement. The muscles also will feel fatigued as the current passed through them produced a good amount of muscle work!

After dry needling:

The muscles and their associated nerve that supplies them are in a temporary state of fatigue or calmness. Consequently, this creates a window of opportunity where movements or ranges of motion come with more ease!

Dry needling aids to optimize your movement patterns. Samantha is then able get in to do some work on the area which produces better movement!

When completing your recommended physiotherapy exercises after dry needling this helps to create:

  • – longer lasting benefits from treatment,
  • – pain reduction,
  • – improved mobility,
  • – decreased nerve sensitivity, and
  • – overall wellness!
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After dry needling, muscles and their associated nerve that supplies them, are in a temporary state of fatigue or calmness.

Dry needling can be applied to almost every area in the body, depending on your individual needs and goals. As a result, it has been known to manage:

tension headaches, chronic shoulder pain, neck problems, arthritis, low back pain, nerve pain, sciatica, hip and knee pain, athletic injuries, post operative concerns and much more!

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