Lyme disease is a rapidly-spreading bacterial-borne inflammatory condition that may start with insidious flu-like symptoms, before progressing into chronic debilitating fatigue, muscle & joint pain, along with recurring immune, skin, digestive and neurological symptoms.  These can last for years if not properly addressed and may prevent a person from functioning at work, at home, in social settings and can inhibit them from enjoying and participating in everyday activities that the rest of us take for granted. 

Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sarah Kristola

Unfortunately testing and treatment for Lyme Disease is extremely limited in Canada.  At the same time their bodies are waging a war against a hidden bacteria, our medical system often fails to properly diagnose Lyme and leaves people isolated in their search for answers and treatments.  Many patients suffering from this chronic condition are told “it’s all in your head” and that “there’s nothing wrong” or “you’ll have to get used to it.”  Frustration ensues and a deeper search for answers is absolutely necessary.

If you’ve been bitten by a tick or suspect you may have Lyme disease, Naturopathic Medicine may be able to offer you both answers and solutions.  A Naturopathic Doctor is able to run specialized testing through IGeneX Inc., a Lyme Disease focused laboratory in California.  IGeneX testing has a much greater sensitivity than the conventionally-used ELISA test which regularly fails to detect both acute and chronic Lyme infections.  Although these tests are not covered through OHIP or extended healthcare, they are often your best chance at solving an otherwise elusive mystery. If you’re suffering and still in search of a culprit, our Naturopathic Doctor is happy to help fill in the gaps.


For those who have already been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, treatments often involve long-term and high-dose antibiotics which can take a toll on the body, in addition to the problems already presented by Lyme bacteria.  There are numerous supportive treatments that Naturopathic Doctors offer for those suffering from Lyme, as well as the side-effects from treatment.  These may include nutritional support, herbs and supplements to support immune function, adrenal support to balance the body’s stress reactions, liver detoxification and lymphatic drainage for enhancing elimination of bacterial endotoxins, as well as acupuncture and counseling to support you through the physical, mental and emotional implications of Lyme.  Many patients taking long-term antibiotics also experience digestive and yeast-related concerns, which can be prevented and treated through supportive means.

Whether you’re still looking for a diagnosis or are currently suffering from Lyme Disease, our Naturopathic Doctor is here to help you find your way back to health.  For more information book a free 15-minute visit at the Back to Health Wellness Centre or call to book your initial appointment.